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RPManagerLite feature limitations

RPManagerLite is a feature reduced version of RPManager. It has the same level of integration, same support for 3rd party renderers but is missing some of the more advanced features.

Features not included in RPManagerLite:

· Object properties per pass

· Xrefs Scenes per pass

· User Customisable Rollout with per pass data integration

· Render Elements per pass

· Before/After Scripts per pass

· Scanline Radiosity setup per pass (ie lighttracer settings)

· Raytracer settings per pass

· Callback Script for network submission system

· External Ascii Data for editing output and some scene parameters external to 3dsmax

· Quick Compositor

· Generation of Digital Fusion flows

· Multiple Backburner Managers (Single manager supported)

· Limited to using Backburner for network render submission.