Unregistered, RPManager does nothing. With an evaluation or personal license (available without charge) RPManager supports 2 passes with almost all features enabled except loading and saving RPMdata. For commerical and for-profit users the evaluation version to evaluate RPManager is valid for 30 days, if you use it after that you are required to register it (which removes the 2 pass restriction) or uninstall it. Once registered RPManager supports an unlimited number of passes.

There are 3 choices for RPManager licensing: node locked to the workstation (MAC address and computer name so not portable), node locked to a USB dongle (portable), or floating across a network from a license server (USB dongle on the server). Both USB dongle options require the purchase of a USB dongle, but beyond that no extra licensing fees or per-license charges beyond the cost of the licenses themselves. Note that it only requires 1 USB dongle to float multiple licenses within a single location, whereas USB node locked requires 1 dongle per RPM license.

Please evaluate RPM using the available 2 pass license before purchasing to make sure it fits your needs, and Email with any questions regarding functionality.

Note that an RPM license is NOT required for render nodes, just for workstations. In a floating license setup a license is used when the RPM UI is open, closing the UI releases the license.


Upgrade RPManager 6.0 to 7.0 - USD$60 per license

Upgrade to RPM7: RPManager 7 builds require an updated license file. This requires an existing license to upgrade. All floating licenses need to upgraded at the same time - ie if you have 4 floating licenses, all 4 will need to be upgraded. USB node and software node licenses can be individually upgraded.


Note that version 7 overwrites prior versions - ie you can't have both v7 and previous versions installed for the same 3dsmax installation. 

Upgrade RPManager (any version) to 6.0 - USD$125

Upgrade to RPM6: RPManager 6 builds require an updated license file. This requires an existing license to upgrade, and 1 upgrade per RPManager license is required. Note that floating licenses need to upgraded simultaneously - ie if you have 4 licenses tied to the dongle, all 4 will need to be upgraded. USB node and software node licenses can be individually upgraded.


Note that version 6 overwrites prior versions - ie you can't have both v6 and v5 installed to the same 3dsmax version though you can just install v5 over v6 to downgrade. 

Full License of RPManager - USD$300

The registration fee for RPManager is US$300 for each workstation. For a description of the registration process click here. Note that RPManager is distributed as online product only - no hardcopy materials or product will be snail mailed upon registration. If you are interested in multiple licenses consider a floating RPM license, if you have 4 or more RPM licenses it requires a USB dongle (available below) but there no additional fees beyond that.


Special Offer: - First license for USD$200

Purchase your first RPManager license for $100 off the regular price. Note that this offer is limited to 1 per site.


Floating License Pricing Structure

Now that RPManager offers USB dongle based floating licenses, it is much more convenient to offer and manage site licensing. Currently RPM offers a free dongle/shipping for 5+ license purchases. Contact for more information in the meantime.


RPManager USB Dongle - USD$50 each (postage is additional, pick from options)

RPManager USB Dongles are an optional purchase, but allow the flexibility of attaching your node locked RPM license to a portable USB dongle rather than a machine, or you can opt to float your license(s) using a centralised license server.

For floating USB RPM licenses only 1 dongle is required, assuming the server is visible to the workstations. For node locked USB RPM licenses 1 dongle per license is required. Licenses can be remotely updated (ie when purchasing more licenses), or even converted from node locked to floating at a later date.

Since this is a piece of hardware that needs to be mailed out, a mailing address will be required. Please use the 'add special instructions for merchant' on the payment review page if the main postal address is not your desired mailing address. Postal address will be confirmed via email before the package is sent.


Pick a shipping option in the dropdown below before using the above purchase button, note that multiple dongles require just one postage fee for a single location: