Registration Process for RPManager

RPManager uses PayPals shopping cart to set quantity and transfer payment, and you may pay by any method paypal supports. All transactions are handled through PayPal and their secure online payment system.

To purchase a licence of either RPManager use the appropriate purchase buttons on the purchase page. These add to and open the paypal shopping cart, where you can set quantity of licenses, remove items, calculate the total, and 'checkout' to continue with the purchase.
Note that if you change quantity you will need to hit the 'Update Cart' button before you use either the continue shopping or checkout buttons to have this change take.

Once you are happy with the settings, use the 'Checkout' button to continue to the PayPal login area where you can either create a new login or use an existing one. Complete payment as per standard PayPal procedures.

You will receive an email from paypal confirming the purchase, and usually within 24 hours you will recieve an email from requesting information about the workstations you wish to install RPM on (depending on how many licenses you have purchased - one license is valid for one machine).

Licensing details:

RPManager uses either the MAC address and computername of the workstation to key off, or USB dongle (floating or local).

If you wish to expediate the process or alter the email contact that licensing will deal with (ie if different to the email used to purchase RPManager) you may email your RPM generated license information, or alternate contact email address to before you receive the request, but be sure to include the details of the purchase/purchaser in this case so it can be cross-referenced with a successful purchase. Licenses will not be issued until funds have been cleared by paypal.

Generating the RPM licensing data can be done using the 'Authorize Info...' menu item in the RPM dialogs Help menu, there is a 'Save MAC data to text file' button that will save out a file you should email to

Once the information has been collected a license file will be emailed along with instructions on how to install.

If you are purchasing either a node locked or floating USB dongle, temporary licenses can be issued using the same MAC system, so you can generate license requests in the same way if you wish to have a temp license until the dongle arrives.