Object Properties


Object Properties:

Object properties - assigned material, visible to camera, renderable, etc. - can be controlled by RPM per pass. Most commonly used are object material and light on/off, but many other properties - including properties of 3rd party objects like brazil lights - can be controlled on a pass by pass basis.

Some basic steps for turning on Material restoration per pass:

1. In RPManager, select a single pass - your base pass is probably a good one to start with although it doesn't matter.

2. Add a capture set in the Object Properties rollout.

3. If you didn't have the objects you want in the set selected and chose to have them auto added when you created the set, select the objects you want to add to the set, and use the 'add selected objects' to add them.

4. The 'Define Properties' dialog will automatically open, in there select the material property in the 'object properties to capture' list. It should highlight and become bold. Highlight 'Box Mode' too. Ok this dialog.

At this point the material on the object has been changed to an RPMMaterial. If the object had a material already assigned this material will be in the slots for any existing passes (you can control if this is instanced or copied in the RPM object property preferences).

The workflow for managing materials is different from other properties. For non-material properties:

5. Change to one of your other passes, change the box mode properties of the objects.

6. Change to another pass. Set Box mode. Continue.

For Materials, you manage the RPMMaterial slots themselves. (see quicktime)

Change between the two passes to see the materials restored.

Quicktime Movie demonstrating setting up Object Properties to restore Materials and box mode. 1.5meg (zip 1.4meg)