PasteVertexBuffer Modifier


PasteVertexBuffer Modifier - REQUIRES RPMdlx.dlx 1.1 or later (included in the installer)

This is a tool that enables you to copy and paste vertex positions and vertex selections to and from anywhere in the stack. The paste modifier looks like this:

Deformation: enables the paste vertex position part of the plugin.

Effect Multiplier: blend between unmodified and the pasted verts. Can go negative or >1.0 for exaggerating expressions etc.

Mask by Buffer Selection: this uses the original copied objects vertex selection at the time the buffer was created to mask what is modified.

Apply to Whole Mesh: this simply controls whether a sub object selection below the modifier will affect what it modifies - similar to the meshsmooth option.

Apply Vertex Selection: enables pasting of selection.

Include Soft Selection: pastes the soft selection captured in the buffer if any was present.

Replace/Add/Subtract/Intersect: how the pasted selection will interact with any existing selections on the object.

Copying positions/selections is implemented through a scripted interface that makes calls to RPMdlx. Below is a screenshot of the scripted component, which allows you to copy from, and paste to selected objects. The buffers are stored on disk for re-use, and can be renamed by Right Clicking on them.

Limitations - no Nurbs or Patch support. I plan to do patch support (the framework is already there) when I get time.

Demonstration Quicktime - 4.4 megs. Just a quick demo.

PasteVertexBuffer is now freeware

Use it however you like, but the usual not responsible for any damage caused applies.

Download PasteVertexBuffer for 3dsmax5 / 3dsmax6 / 3dsmax7 / 3dsmax8 / 2009

(no 9/2008, if someone wants it let me know)

Installation instructions
Run the PasteVertexBuffer installer, which puts it into your plugins directory and then restart 3dsmax. It is a modifier, so will appear in the modifier stack. There is a scripted component to this plugin that allows you to copy and paste the buffers, you will find this in the RPManager category of your CustomiseUI - add it to a toolbar, hotkey etc.

Contact with any bug info. Scene files demonstrating problems are much easier to troublshoot.

Credits: PasteVertexBuffer was written by Grant Adam.