ChannelOps Map


ChannelOps Map

A map that allows individual channel control, as well as tinting and color correction tools.

With this you can mix the red channel from one map, with the green from another, and the blue from a third if you like. Or swap R G B around. Or colour tint, 'levels', and generally tweak your maps.


You'll have to work it out for the moment. It is based on a combination of Boolean and CC nodes in Eyeon's Fusion compositing application, if you know those at all it might make sense.

Suffice to say that you load up to 3 maps in the top area. In the 'Operation' area, you define what the result is for Red, Green, Blue and Alpha individually. The 'BG, FG, FG2' dropdown controls which of the 3 input maps the channel is sourced from, the dropdown to the left of that controls which channel is extracted.

Operations include:
Copy (replace), Screen, Add, Multiply, Subtract, Invert, Divide, and conversion to HLS or HSV.

Channels include:
Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Black, White, Grey, Hue, Luminance, Value and Saturation.

Limitations - No support for use in the bump channel. Yet. Or maybe ever, given how much time I get. Rendering it out might be an option.

ChannelOps is freeware

Free for commercial or non-commercial use.

Installation instructions
No installer, too much hassle so you get to download, unzip, and put it into your plugins directory manually:

3dsmax9/2008 32 bit

3dsmax9/2008 64 bit

3dsmax2009 32 bit

3dsmax2009 64 bit

3dsmax2010 32 bit

3dsmax2010 64 bit

Contact with any bug info. Scene files demonstrating problems are much easier to troublshoot.

Credits: ChannelOps was written by Grant Adam. Credit to Eyeons Fusion for the core concepts.