RPManager for 3dsmax 6 / 3dsmax 7 / 3dsmax 8 /3dsmax9 (32bit )

Without any license RPManager will install but be non-functional. If you have not previously purchased a license nor received an evaluation/personal license, enter your email address below, pick the license type and press the 'submit license request' button and the license installer should automatically begin downloading. This license is valid for RPManager and RPManagerLite for all available versions. If you have any problems with this process email licensing@rpmanager.com to request a license be emailed out to you.

Request Evaluation/Personal license (the submit button below downloads a license ONLY - you will need to download the RPManager software separately and install first).

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Note: you also need the software linked below.

The license that is downloadable above is an executable installer and should be run from windows explorer after you have installed RPManager or RPManagerLite. Within the installer you need to pick which version of RPManager it is installing for - RPManager or RPManagerLite. 3dsmax does not need to be closed when installing the license, nor restarted after the license is installed.

If you already have a license, download RPManager below:

FULL Version Download:
DOWNLOAD RPManager v3.2274
Release notes here

LITE Version Download:
DOWNLOAD RPManagerLite v3.2254
Release notes here

Download WIP RPManager Help File


Installation instructions
After downloading the main installer setup file, run it and the installation wizard with guide you through the process of installing. Uninstall from the RPManager program group (assuming not disabled during the startup process) or from the Add/Remove programs control panel.

If you didn't choose to have the RPManager menu added in the installer, or would simply like to add RPManagerLite to a toolbar, open the Customise UI controls, pick the 'Toolbars' tab, and navigate to the 'RPManager' category. From here you can drag the item onto a toolbar.
See your 3dsmax help for instructions on how to add items to menus, quadmenus or assign hotkeys to a tool.

After you have installed RPManager, run the license installer (unless you already have a license - although the license installer will not overwrite existing licenses)

Manual Network installs: If